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Love Fox Valley is a movement of unity in the body of Christ, in the cities of the Fox River Valley - located forty miles west of Chicago IL.  

There are many "galaxies" of awesome, life-giving activity in Aurora and the Valley!  We're convinced that God cares about the people of our communities, and that He wants to use us to help them know His love.  

In Jesus' prayer in John 17 we see that unity - not just in theory, but reality - is super important to Him.  Not only is it important to Jesus, He says that unity between His followers is a prerequisite to spiritual awakening.  So the question is - what can, and should we do to live as Jesus really wants us to in our communities?

Love Fox Valley is a name to describe this movement of unity and kingdom of God activity.  The idea is not to impose a new program - we've all got enough to do! 

But how can we communicate better (both within the body of Christ, among local churches - and to the people of our communities,) connect in friendships as we serve, and collaborate when we can do things better together?   

Love Fox Valley is a collaboration of community churches and volunteers, with a common vision to enhance the lives of those living in the Fox Valley area. Love Fox Valley partners with churches, agencies, the marketplace, local officials and government from the Aurora, Tri-Cities, Elgin, and Valley North communities to achieve its mission.

It's God showing up in our cities, as we come together - it's life and community transformation.  It's being the church that Jesus prayed for!